2014 – The Summer of Songs about Asses

Apparently the singers and songwriters of our time all came to the same conclusion at the same moment: there were not enough songs celebrating having a large bottom and/or shaking one’s ass. What’s that, you say? This has been a theme in songwriting for a while? Sure it has, but this summer took it to a far more explicit level, and did it like, six times.

I present, as evidence of this trend:

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Wiggle – Jason Derulo

Booty – JLo

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

Even Taylor Swift is delicately hinting we should do some ass shaking – see 2:02

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

I am not sure what, precisely, this says about our culture. Perhaps it suggests that we really are embracing a new phase in beauty perception, which allows amble bottoms to coexist alongside super-skiny women?

What I do know is that JLo’s attempts to shake her behind look foolish and amateur once you have seen what Nicki Minaj is capable of. If ass shaking is indeed a desirable skill, (hint- it is) she is the undisputed queen. (You might say she deserves a crown… right on that A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$, amiright Big Sean?)


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