Superficial Content, Never Superficially Engaged

I am starting to go stir-crazy on a research trip, thanks to the inherently lonely nature of archival research. No doubt influenced by this, it suddenly seems like a really good idea to create a forum I can use to share my snarky comments and general rants about the kids these days and their music and clothes. I predict there is a wide audience for disdainful or bemused comments about the nature of pop music, television, fashion and celebrity — all things I consume to balance out my daily doses of war and genocide. Having said that, the future is not my forte.

As a historian in training, I approach everything I see with the same question in mind: how will this be remembered in the future? Ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred years from now, what pattern will this tv show/video/trend be symptomatic of? This drives my interest in pop culture.  I like to think about how historians in the future will grapple with the changes I’m witnessing around me, which are often highlighted by celebrity scandals or massive hits. This critical approach to pop culture will be old news to followers of, one of my favourite blogs. As Lainey would tell you, we learn about cultural norms and our own views on them when we have a conversation about a pregnant celebrity or a trip to rehab. Plus, I’m just an avid collector of trivial knowledge.

Unlike laineygossip, this site will probably have a more academic tone. And feature more rap music. Because if there is one thing that constantly entertains me, sometimes ironically and sometimes completely genuinely, it is rap.


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